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Soldiers & Suicide

AUSTIN — A soldier living in Lockhart is using his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder to give other service members hope through a documentary called Frozen in War. Andrew O’Brien tried to kill himself when he returned home from Iraq by overdosing in 2010. The reason I attempted suicide was I felt alone, I felt […]

Aging Vets & PTSD

There’s still so much we don’t understand about war vets and PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Why some experience it, but so many others don’t. Why one vet can have symptoms right away, while another can be fine for years. Now older generations of veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam are showing us […]

Honoring Veterans in Hospice

The Korean War Veterans Memorial, May 1, 2008 Serving in the military changes one’s perspective on life, but often it also alters the way they face death. Ben Kieffer speaks with Deborah Grassman, the CEO and co-founder of Opus Peace. Opus Peace is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people work through trauma. […]


➣ Creative Cocooning: A Process for Successful Change and Transition by Pat McGuire A cocoon is a safe place for dramatic change. Cultivating the courage to change is the purpose of cocooning. Personal losses, fears, and brokenness can then be used as catalysts for metamorphosis and growth. The concept of “cocooning” is important throughout the […]


➣ Changing our Relationship to the Past by Deborah Grassman OpusPeace.org The process that precipitates pervasive inner peace is forgiveness. I have to forgive every disappointment and interruption that interferes with my experience of the moment. Every time I am told, “No” by God, another person, or life itself, I have to actively forgive the world […]

Myths & Rituals

➣ Myths and Rituals: A Format for Healing Soul Injuries by Deborah Grassman OpusPeace.org The Power of Myth, a book by Joseph Campbell, awakened me to the value of myths and rituals and their relationship to the change and recovery process. To my scientific mind, myths were untruths. Yet, here this brilliant professor was showing me […]

Personal Healing

➣ Re-owning & Re-homing Pieces of Self by Deborah Grassman Opus Peace.org No one taught me how to fail. No one showed me how to lose, and because I never learned these things, I felt alone when they occurred. Sometimes, I felt more than alone. I felt incompetent if I didn’t win; I felt rejected if I […]


➣ Re-owning & Re-homing Scattered Pieces of Lost Self by Deborah Grassman OpusPeace.org PTSD is not limited to those who’ve been traumatized by combat. Victims of crime, abuse, natural disasters, serious motor vehicle accidents, marital affairs, life-threatening illnesses, etc. might suffer PTSD; policeman, firefighters, emergency room responders, and other people who witness trauma are also […]


➣ Unique Needs at the End of Life by Deborah Grassman OpusPeace.org Many people do not realize that military service influences soldiers in ways that can sometimes complicate peaceful dying, even though their death may not occur until many years after they leave military service. Deborah was the first person to identify the influence that […]