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Family Care

➣ Creative Cocooning: A Caregiver’s Journey by Patricia McGuire OpusPeace.org You may have heard that death is like the birth of the butterfly. What a peaceful thought that is. It brings images of delicate, colorfully-winged, creatures flitting from flower to flower. What it does not even hint at is the dramatic process of “cocooning” that […]


➣ Good Grief: Those Who Grieve Well, Heal Well by Deborah Grassman OpusPeace.org Life is dramatically altered as people learn how to live in the world without their loved one in it. During the period after a death, little peace can be found initially. The following letter is written by a woman who had avoided […]


➣ Spiritual Care: The Paradoxical Dimension by Deborah Grassman Opus Peace.org Peace that lies beyond human understanding is derived from the spiritual dimension. This dimension creates energy — that spark of life that powers the soul. During times of trouble or sorrow, people often contemplate deeper and more serious issues of the soul; they may even […]


➣ Dying Healed: A Shared Quest to Wholeness by Deborah Grassman OpusPeace.org The time surrounding death is fraught with fear and uncertainty. Few of us have developed an “exit strategy” for the end of our lives. Yet, exit strategies are essential if we want to die healed. We wouldn’t even consider leaving on a trans-continental […]

Aging & Transitions

➣ Aging: Redeeming the Destiny We Were Born to Fulfill by Deborah Grassman “It takes a lot of courage to grow old,” my 90-year-old mother said the last few decades of her life. “Aging is not for sissies,” I’ve heard others say. Indeed, it is so. Rather than cultivating courage, however, we often resist aging, […]