Soul Injury and Soul Restoration ceremonial workshops respond to wounds generated by unmourned grief and unforgiven guilt that occurs during trauma, abuse, and neglect. The goal of the workshop is to help traumatized people learn how to love, forgive, and trust themselves to navigate in the world again by disarming their heart while cultivating personal intimacy with scattered aspects of their own self. The Soul Injury program focuses on traumatized populations; the Soul Restorationprogram focuses on self-care for caregivers. Both ceremonial workshops are 3-dimensional providing education for the mind, safety for the heart, and courage to develop a new relationship with the pain in their soul.Children receive “Soul Buddy” dolls to help them give voice to the pain and anger they might experience due to the soul injury in the family. Following the ceremony, mental health counselors, massage therapists, chaplains, bereavement support, veteran resource programs, and others are available for follow-up care and referral. Exhibits provide resources for continued information, care, and support.